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The Sherry Storm Edition

For this exclusive release, Douglas Laing’s feisty fisherman has travelled far and wide in search of the finest Spanish sherry casks to finish his BIG, smoky spirit in.

Battling treacherous seas and stormy skies in his ram-shackled rowing boat, with Spanish sherry casks stacked high, Big Peat’s sheer determination saw him stop at nothing on his quest to bring you the ultimate Big Peat sherry bomb!

The resulting Whisky is the epitome of ‘sweet meets peat’ and the big man himself believes it was worth every cold crashing wave and frightening strike of lightning!

Anticipate wafts of salty sea spray and cherries on the nose, the palate delivers maple cured bacon and a punch of sweet peat with the finish lingering with spicy undertones and a charred oak quality. With only 500 bottles available, and offered at a bold 50% ABV, this ‘Sherry Storm’ is the ultimate Winter warmer!


Big Peat Limited Edition

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